Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cute Photos from 2006

This morning Dad wanted to know if we had any pictures of the house when we first moved in...... to show how much the trees had grown. We didn't have many of those photos but I found these and thought they were so cute.
Kaleb and Brynlee on Bret and Melissa's 4 wheeler (I believe).

Jaycee and Kambria sitting with our Welcome Beaver!

Jaycee, Brynlee and Kambria. Check out Jaycee's face!

Dad, Aleisha and Jaycee! These pictures were all taken September 2006 in Pine Valley!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Carter was thrilled to have us all come to his house. Actually he was so fun and was very happy to share all of his toys...............well all but the baby swing! He really didn't like Myla in his swing. He says, "Night, night" and wants someone to put the tray on for him after he has climbs in. He is too big for it but he doesn't seem to know that!!!
Kyson spent most of the night trying not to get in a photo. I got this one when he was on the floor but he still wouldn't look at me.

Brian and Bret thought they would try out the exercise equipment!!
Yeah Sure!

Carter has his own trampoline in the basement. Gavin was in heaven.

Oh here are two little angels jumping on the tramp!!!

Brynlee thought she would practice for her new little baby sister coming soon!

Speaking of soon........look at those cute little ones.
(Both beautiful mothers and daughters!)

Grandma and Grandpa gave the kids a treat...SUCKERS!! The parents spent the next little while trying to keep them on the table and the sticky hands wiped so that Chris and Julie would let us come back again.
Boy! We forgot how sticky suckers can be! SORRRRRY!


After the sticky suckers.....into the the tub they went.
Hey boys say "Cheese" and look this way!
"Boys....look this way. Oh Gavin what a photogenic guy you are!"

After taking about 20 pictures Kyson finally looked out but Carter was ready to get out.

This one was just too cute to leave out.......and Kyson wasn't looking anyway.

I went into the family room and took this photo of the dad's. What a coincidence that they are in the same order as their sons (in the tub)!



Don and I left February 19, 2010 for Huntington, UT to stay with Dad and Flora. Flora broke her hip on January 18. We thought it would be fun to have them racing around on the walkers. They didn't think that was so funny but agreed to take this photo. We enjoyed our 6 day visit with them. Flora is getting her strength back pretty fast but it isn't fast enough for her. She is a busy and energetic lady and this has been hard for her. I think she is doing great. We love you both Dad and Flora. Dad celebrated his 91 birthday on February 28 (a few days after we left). Thanks Flora's, kids for the birthday party!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


See the snow coming off the roof on the back side of the house! about the north side of the garage?

Dad made me come out in the jammies to see it. It helps to see how long it is. It curls toward the inside!

I tried to lick the icicles pointing in a strange direction!!!


Eating Breakfast at Grandpa and Grandma Kenworthy's house. Grandpa whipped us a dozey of a breakfast...........eggs, bacon, toast, cracked wheat mush!!!
Carter and I went to Bob and Janelle's while Chris and Julie went to a funeral in Overton. Her (Julie) cousin's boy was one of the Missionaries who past away from carbon monoxide.
Carter and Aspen played so cute at home and again at a park near their home. Carter loved to turn around and around in this but SURE had a hard time walking afterwards.

It was difficult getting a photo with Carter. He just doesn't stay still very long!

Boy what a beautiful mother and daughter this is!! Janelle and Aspen!!

Fun on the seesaw!
I put Carter downstairs in Jaydon's bed for a nap (after the park and lunch). I read him a couple of books and sang a few songs. He was so cute. He said "Night - Night.......I love you". I stayed on the couch right next to the room waiting for him to go to sleep. I had to go back in two times to put him back in bed and each time he would say "Night - Night ........I love you". He was never unhappy nor did he cry.....but he didn't go to sleep. All of a sudden Iheard a crash and a cry and rushed inside the room to find him leaning against the pillow with a heavy lamp or something blue (that was heavy........not really sure what it was) lying beside him and a big GOOSE EGG!
He didn't cry for long. He did sit on Grandma's lap for a it did slow him down a little. But he was soon up and at it again. I did not dare let him sleep after that. I called Chris and Julie to warn them. Well we certainly know that Carter is his father's son. When Chris was about his age he had four sets of stitches in his head within six months time.